Collaborative. Agile. Fast. Efficient. Tom is the future of annual report publishing.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an assistant to help with the follow-up emails, the regular reminders for tedious tasks or to handle sharing of information with colleagues? Siri and Alexa are great to select your music choices, or answer your questions about the universe, but what’s the use of having the complete repository of human knowledge, if you don’t have 
time to tap into it? 

Shift your focus

Wish you had more time? What if Evolution could give it to you? Time to think, time to focus on your most important tasks, to work on improving your annual report structure to give it that extra edge. 

An innovation by Evolution

We at Evo have mastered the ability to think for our clients. We regularly brew a pot of coffee (or several), sit around a boardroom table, and ask ourselves  “What does our client need?” And from one of these coffee-infused brainstorms came a brilliant realisation; providing our clients with a personal assistant that would handle the repetitive follow-up tasks in the creation of an annual report. 

TOM is the answer to a need you didn’t even know you had. It is always on and its collaborative nature helps you share your validation tasks with your team. Never again will you have to worry about collecting and validating information from various sources at 
the same time: 

TOM will handle that part too. You just sit back, focus on more important things, and he’ll notify you when it’s your turn to shine. 

Developed by Evo. For you.


can do

Inform and remind your colleagues that a file needs to be reviewed

Simultaneous review and editing. Track all changes

Allow you to directly edit the text of the design file

Allow each user to add precise comments to the reviewed file

Give the opportunity to ask questions to others during the review process

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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all his glory!

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